Beauty Hair and Makeup

Beauty Hair and Makeup

Beauty Hair And Makeup – Makeup is one of the important things that women always wear before leaving the house. There are many types of makeup that must be used before going out of the house, such as base makeup, eye makeup, lips, and eyes. This type of face makeup that is long-lasting is actually waterproof makeup. However, not all types of makeup have a waterproof version. Of course, you also must be lazy if you have to always go back and forth touch up to tidy up your makeup. As well as hair. How to make your hairstyle attractive and durable? This is how to keep beauty hair and makeup to last long.

Beauty Hair and Makeup
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How To Keep Beauty Hair and Makeup To Last Long

  1. Mascara

    The first thing that you have to know is mascara. If you like mascara you should use a durable mascara waterproof type because it’s been a lot of mascara with a type of waterproof, so it can be durable from sweat, tears, or humid air. Use mascara on the lashes quickly so that the mascara doesn’t dry fast. This helps you to get beautiful hair and makeup durable.

  1. Foundation

    The second step to keep beauty hair and makeup durable is the foundation. A foundation that does not contain oil can stand it much longer in the face for not making makeup be colorfast. However, if your face is the kind of face that have dry skin, you need the formula for the damming of the face. To make it so durable, you need to let the moisturized marinate on your face perfectly for about five minutes and then use a new foundation.

  1. Lipstick

    Use a lip liner to line lips framing you in order to be able to hold longer. Apply lipstick using a brush and then press a little bit stronger than when you use lipstick from her place. If you use a brush, do not be afraid to apply it a few times because it will make it more durable. That is the third step to keep beauty hair and makeup last long.

  1. Hair color

    The fourth step to keep beauty hair and makeup is hair color. So that the hair color is long-lasting, you have to adjust the temperature of the air to wash it to cool. Shampooing using hot air can make hair strands damaged. For maximum results use a conditioner every two to three days.

  1. Wavy hair

    For your skin to last long, spray hairspray into your hair in a half-wet state. You can also use velcro’s large hair rollers to make your hair wavy without the need to damage your hair. If your hair is short, for some types of hair and twist, then pinch it using a bobby pin. Dry it with a hairdryer until it is dry then remove the pins. Then use a curling iron to make it more durable. It is very helpful to keep beauty hair and makeup durable.


That is information about how to keep beauty hair and makeup durable. It may be useful. For another tip about beauty tips and tricks please read our article here.